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“White Rice Covered in Soy Sauce” is Published

Good news! I am thrilled to tell you that Hive Avenue Literary Journal has published my essay “White Rice Covered in Soy Sauce.” It can be found on their website @ Go to the current Issue IV January 2022.

What’s Your Frequency?

Unfortunately new stresses were added to the plate during the months of February and March and after wading through the storms of fear particularly with the unknown I had to just STOP! Going through another bout of depression and being completely aware how I silently suffer through it makes me feel like a big pain […]

Faith / Fear and Trusting the Process

Faith over fear…do you believe it? I try. Sometimes I think I try too hard and the opposite happens. I try to avoid fear, but there really is no going around it. There’s no detour. The only thing I have in my tool box is faith. I have trouble with trusting the process. It’s an […]

The Social Experiment

Doesn’t life seem like our very own social experiment? Imagine that you are the scientist and the Guinea pig. How many times do you create your own hypothesis and test it according to your own theory? When there’s enough evidence of something working out in your favor you do your best to live that theory…until […]

Good Grief

This last week has been a trying one. Biggie didn’t want to come in most of the day on Wednesday, so he sat underneath the trampoline. A few hours later, my daughter, Lauryn, found him laying motionless in the front yard. The kitchen light spread over him like a blanket. You wouldn’t have been able […]

Are You Smiling?

The soft pattering of rain hits against the roof. I pour myself a cup of coffee and revel in that first sip… but the dog is barking outside. Not Biggie, it’s Creed…again. I throw the door open and notice that our sweet dog has decided to make the trash his new play thing. Diapers and […]

Reassurances Amidst Uncertainty

Uncertainty, it’s all around us, you don’t have to look far. It comes in the sound of an ambulance or firetruck along with the howling of the coyotes when they hear it. Our temporary existence is a reminder that the frivolous stuff doesn’t matter…yet we are attracted to it like a moth to a flame. […]

Losing Sight

I sit in a waiting room with people who are significantly older than me. Most them slumped in their seats, staring into spaces that sight cannot reach. Some have one hand resting on their walker attentively waiting for their name to be called. Others sit in a wheelchair, drowsy from too much or too little […]

Stressed? It’s Forking Desserts

Did you know that desserts spelled backwards is stressed? It was news to me. It’s no wonder that desserts are often given to us when we are stressed the fork out. So, Are You Feeling Stressed? Stress forking affects EVERYTHING in my life. Be it mentally, physically, and emotionally. I wished I wouldn’t let it […]

“The Photograph” is Published!

I originally published this in second person on one of my first blogs. I decided to rewrite it, this time in first person. After several rejections, Talon Review accepted The Photograph. Hope you enjoy it! Click here to view it. Thank you for taking the time to read this piece. We all have busy schedules, […]

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