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  • Changing the Can’t Do Mentality to Can Do

    Changing the Can’t Do Mentality to Can Do

    Instead of wading through our list of to-dos, pick the top three rather than creating a long ass list to finish (before we give ourselves the badge of accomplishment.)

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  • Confessions of an Imperfect Mother

    Let’s just get this out of the way right now.  I’m not a perfect mother. I don’t strive for it, because during my first attempt I compared myself to my other friends who had their shit together, while I kept trying and drove myself batty trying to keep up with their cooking and organizational skills. …

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  • What Love Isn’t and When to Know the Difference

    Have you ever covered up pain in ways that make no sense to others, but perfect sense to you? Run. Struggle. Sleep. Repeat. Those are the things I did to keep myself together. I did this in my first marriage. It didn’t work. I also applied this to my second marriage. Clearly, I didn’t learn…

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  • A Retrospective Look on the Haves and Have Nots From My Childhood

    A lesson on gratefulness I didn’t go hungry, I always had a roof over my head and clothes on my back, but there are other ways I realized my parents were frugal. I am forever grateful for what they did provide me, but living in the world we live in now with every child wanting…

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  • Unintentionally Staying Disconnected

    A lesson on mindfulness I have a three-year-old (that should explain a lot of things). She loves Cocomelon. She has this supernatural ability (to endure the most annoying cartoons) where she will watch all five seasons and then turn around and watch it from the beginning (I only know “Wheels On The Bus” is the…

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  • The Things I Couldn’t Explain on Facebook

    Sorry for not replying sooner Sometimes the most hurtful comments come from the people closest to you, but for me, it came from an acquaintance. In Jess Ekstrom’s Chasing the Bright Side, she says we have a box in our brains labeled “Things that Will Never Happen to Me Move On!…they are events that have…

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