Dial up Your Procrastinating Skills

We’ve been doing it all wrong

Are you stressed out because you’ve got things you need to do, but don’t want to do them?

A Ted talk resurfaced in my memory which said we ought to enjoy the time away.

But how?

Rather than stressing about the things we need to get done while we are stuck in procrastination station, we ought to embrace it wholeheartedly and stay in the be. here. now. moment, if you know what I’m saying.

I’ve been stuck at procrastination station for quite some time when it comes to working on my manuscript. Yes, it’s the same one I’ve been talking about since I typed “The End” nearly three years ago.

I dreaded the rewrite, but finally opened up the file and after nearly ten rewrites in the first chapter, I’ve come to terms with my writing. It’s not perfect, but that is okay. The good news is that I’m nearly halfway done with the rewrite and my next step is writing the query letter. I’m over the fear of what people might think of it. I’ve read some books out there this past year that leaves me questioning my own writing skills for the better.

If so-and-so can get a book published, why can’t I?

With nothing but more action on my part, I’ve gotten my thinking out of procrastination station and have finally gotten out of my own way. I’m going for it this year…the path to getting my book published. Another lesson learned: We are our biggest roadblocks.

I started out with personal essays the year before last and was met with nothing but support from the literary journals my essays were published in. And to all those whom I received rejections, it’s okay, they weren’t my audience. I’ll be thinking along the same lines as I submit my future query letters. Keep on keepin’ on, am I right?

Lesson learned: we shouldn’t be thinking about the thing we are procrastinating about. If you are, try to put your mind at ease and enjoy the time with your kids, the movie with your person, the park, or dinner out with friends. Just think, you’ll be able to come back to the thing you need to finish with a fresh outlook.

So, if you’re going to binge-watch your favorite season of fill-in-the-blank, watch it wholeheartedly. Because the thing you need to do will still be there when you’re through. (And yes, I’ve been watching The Circle Season One, as I’ve been writing this last post, sometimes multitasking is key.)

Do the thing that works for you.

*Originally published on Medium.

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