Changing the Can’t Do Mentality to Can Do

Flipping the mental switch

What does it take to change our mindset?

When we are filled with all the reasons we can’t do something, we get caught up in a negative self-talk loop that cannot change unless we flip that mental switch.

How do we get out of the loop and get back into the doing of things? I’m not talking about it to the point where we throw our lives wildly out of whack and find ourselves doing all the things (and then quickly get into burnout mode).

I’m talking about getting back into the groove of things which requires another level of patience within ourselves to be gentle.

Stop the list of overwhelm

I believe it begins with not allowing the overwhelm monster to hit us over the head. What is it we tell our well-meaning selves in the morning or before we go to bed?

Do we have a long list of to-dos that we feel we have to finish before the day is through?

Instead of wading through our list of to-dos, pick the top three rather than creating a long ass list to finish (before we give ourselves the badge of accomplishment.)


What are the most important things you can and will accomplish before your day is through? Do you have a morning or nightly routine you follow or want to follow? Try to group them by threes.

Make your lists the night before. Circle the things you need to accomplish, but make it manageable. Remember that a three-day project cannot be finished in one day. 

Lesson learned: Remember to set realistic time frames and you’ll see your can’t dos turn into can dos in no time.


The list of three is effective. The rest of my to-dos turn into the icing on the cake. It’s important to remember that we need to be able to take care of ourselves before we can care for others. Otherwise, our to-dos will dry up and our minds will switch to the can’t do mode really quickly.

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3 responses to “Changing the Can’t Do Mentality to Can Do”

  1. Great post! Flipping the mental switch can be challenging but your tip about focusing on the top three tasks is so helpful. My question for you is: have you always followed this approach, or did it take time and practice to develop this habit? Looking forward to more of your articles!


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