Creative Spaces

e all have a space where we create. Are there things you’d like to change, but don’t know where to start?

I’m offering a few helpful ideas that I’ve learned to create a better workspace.

Keep it Simple

I try to keep it simple. I used to have books stacked on the top, but it cluttered my thoughts. It should have been inspiring to stare at the greats, but it was anything but. My loop thinking reeked of, “I’m not good enough to put my writing out into the world yet.” I don’t write like Leo Tolstoy or Jhumpa Lahiri. I’m not a writer. How could I possibly call myself one?”

That was the wrong frame of thinking. I’ve put them away, so I won’t bother pitting my writing against theirs. It is self sabotage. I won’t be like them, because I’m not them. It’s another mantra I’ve adopted. My writing is like a fingerprint or a snowflake.

Lesson– Keep it simple. Put away the stacks of books and magazines that pull you away from your work. You are unique. Do not compare your writing to others.


When I get lazy or claim that I’m too busy to file things away, my creative space suffers. I have systems in place, but I tend to let it slide, especially when I’m deeply engrossed in writing. I start these piles that a friend likes to refer to as hotspots, a breeding ground for papers to get lost in the shuffle (i.e. random pieces of paper with grocery lists, phone numbers with no names and store receipts or unpaid bills).

Lesson– Following up on my systems that are in place has kept me free of hotspots and into a clearer headspace.

Inspirational Quotes

I also realized while I was writing about my creative space, I was lacking quotes. I love a good quote to get me out of a negative headspace. I pulled out my old cork board and put up inspirational quotes to lean on. When the words lose their luster It’s amazing what words can do for my psyche.


I have a lamp with several different light settings. It also allows me to control the brightness.

Lesson– Lighting can improve or worsen your mood. Check your light source. Do you have a natural light source you aren’t utilizing? Open your blinds and let the light shine in. If you don’t have a lamp you like give yourself permission to find a better one.

What’s That Smell?

Have you sniffed around your creative space? I use a vanilla body spray and have used many of the scents listed below. I can say from experience, the effects are positive. Let me know, if you’ve tried any candles, incense, or essential oils in your space. All scents apply to any of the categories. For repetitions sake, I mention the ones not found in the other categories.

Candles: Cinnamon, vanilla, coffee

Incense: lemongrass, sandalwood, dragon’s blood

Essential oils: frankincense, peppermint, jasmine, lavender, tangerine, eucalyptus, bergamot

Lesson– scents affect your emotional response. The smells that come wafting into my room are usually whatever someone has been cooking in the kitchen, which stirs my appetite. Sometimes it’s far worse, like one of my toddlers in need of a diaper change. I don’t write well under either one of those conditions.

What’s That Sound?

Ever since I worked at a title research company, I have become attuned to sounds. I’m beginning to think it began much earlier in my life, but regardless of when, I have the worst time trying to concentrate when my house fills up with noise.

Lesson– Since I can’t have a house all to myself, I have found ways to mitigate the sound. I have a fan running constantly to drown out excess noise.


Keep what works, get rid of what doesn’t. I hope this posts helps you in getting your creative space the attention it needs so you can remain in a creative flow. Please like and share. Let me know the ways you have cultivated your work space. Thanks for stopping by!

3 responses to “Creative Spaces”

  1. Interesting! I myself am training myself to write regardless of my space, though I default to a certain part of the living room every day. Anyway, I like the part about keeping things simple. As a minimalist, that’s the only way I get to have a clear mind. Thanks for this post!

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  2. I’m converting a seldom used shed into a creative space for me and me alone. I’m so very excited about it. I’d considered inspiration, light and sound but not smell. I think that just might justify that little coffee pot and grinder I’d thought about. I’m sure an afternoon spent thrifting will turn up the perfect coffee mugs as well.

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