I’m Fine

A Dialogue Exchange

“How are you doing today?”,asked the Publix cashier.

With a one-second smile, I replied, “I’m fine.” She handed me the receipt and I walked out with my cart full of groceries. Social interaction, complete. Although, the truth was, “I wasn’t fine.” This is one example of many interactions we have in a day. What we need is more of an authentic dialogue exchange.

How often do we tell the truth about how we’re doing? Have you had a bad day and told the cashier that it was just an effing bad day and you wished people would leave you the hell alone? Nope, I’m pretty sure you said you were fine and you went about your business.

In an alternate dialogue exchange, I could have said, “I’m not having a great day, but I’m trying to have a better one.” I could then wish the cashier a good day herself. It’s as simple as that. The social interaction was leveled up with a dash of kindness.

What If…

What if we treated strangers as a friend we haven’t met yet? Think about it. Your friends and your significant other were strangers to you at one time or another.

Here’s a story for you. I once met a guy at work. He switched departments and was working in mine. I can’t remember who said hello first, but I knew there was something irresistible about him. I was magnetized to him from the start. The man who used to be a stranger became my husband and the father of our two girls.

Wouldn’t you say the most important people who were once strangers have added significant value to your life? For the record, he says he asked me some work questions so I would keep talking to him.


The lesson? Next time you want to say, “I’m fine.” Tell them how you’re really doing. You never know what will happen when you genuinely answer a question.

We’re all out here on this earth wanting to be understood and cared for. The least we could do for one another is give them a kind word. Try wishing someone a good day in return. Sometimes one single act of kindness can make or break someone’s day. Hope you all have a good one!

3 responses to “I’m Fine”

  1. This reminds me to a degree of when someone randomly says “I’ll pray for you”, but have no intentions on actually doing so. It’s often a phrase used as a pacifier in the moment, not to say that most don’t actually have good intentions.
    However, I am one who answers authentically when asked how I’m doing. My mindset is knowing how much or little to share depending on who’s asking. If/when I ask someone, I am genuinely concerned because I can see it in their eyes & we’re suppose to uplift one another. When I don’t have the energy or not in the mood, I won’t even open that door to ask. Thank you for sharing such a great message.

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    • You are right, there are times when a person is being sincere and when they say things just to say it. I believe authenticity can wake the insincere person up so that they will become more conscious of what they are saying. Thank you for your comment!


  2. Desiree, meeting you at that dead end job was the best thing to happen to me in life. I can’t believe we now have two beautiful girls together. It was not an outcome I would have ever expected. I can’t wait to see what life brings us. I love you more than anything in this world and that will never change.


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