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People Are Worth a Follow

I call it a nook because when you type in “creative writer” the search will supply you with a short list of posts from writers sharing their craft in this little corner of the internet.

This nook located in WordPress Reader felt like I was casually driving through a part of town that I see everyday, but when I looked to my right (something I don’t do everyday) and discovered a cute little French bakery. Yes, I’m comparing reading to artisanal baked goods.

It’s tough out here on WordPress because followers are hard to come by. I think WP should make the “Follow” link bigger. It’s easy to read a post, but sometimes I’ll forget to follow it because the icon is so stinkin’ small. Now before I read a post, I automatically click on it beforehand.

Why do I spend time reading other peoples stuff? In another post To Read and Be Read, I discuss the importance of showing you care by reading other peoples’ work. If we have this overarching need to be read, shouldn’t we provide others with the same kind of love.

If you’re a creative writer, I’ll follow you. Like I told a fellow blogger, “We are vibing on the same frequency!”

Are you open-minded to other peoples thoughts and opinions?

I found that when I’m on the receiving end of thoughts, I am able to take what works for me and integrate it into my current foundations in writing. The process of adding new ideas or modes of thinking continually helps me to become better at my craft. It’s also a place I hope to build lasting connections.

Blogs To Follow

You won’t immediately see these beautiful souls on WordPress unless you go searching for them. Here are some creative writers, I have the pleasure of following. If you’re a writer consider following them and if you’re a reader and want to learn more about the creative process, they’ll make you a writer or poet yet!

SoulfulWordFlow The poem she recently shared…Oh my goodness. Her words had a way of making me say them out loud. First I said them in a whisper, but then I said them in a regular volume. Her blog name is exactly what it says. I felt her words instantaneously, almost like they reverberated within my soul.

A Writer’s Path In his latest post “How to Get Useful Ideas For Stories,” he shared how to write about a car chase. I have never thought about a car chase scene, but after reading his pointers on how to do it, I think I might just add one into one of my stories.

Goals & Good Vibes Her last post, “Why You Should Follow Your Dreams” she talks about not allowing others to dictate what you do with yours.

In her words,

“It’s so true..with the right mindset, the right effort you can change your life. Tell yourself, IT’S POSSIBLE. It’s your life. Would you rather never try and not know what you’re capable of or TRY and most likely succeed?”

And with a blog name like hers, it isn’t hard to resist a follow.

A Phantom Thought He is a philosopher of sorts. Deep thoughts for such a young age. He writes about some difficult topics, but does it in a way that makes you feel like your reading hiswords with the fluidity of poetry.

The last mention isn’t a person, but I couldn’t leave the list without sharing the opportunity with others.

Creative Writing Contests There’s still time! Write a flash fiction story between 250-750 words and get it submitted by August 31, 2022. First place gets $400 and a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate.

One More Thing

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you’re a creative soul, put your link in the comments. I need more creatives in my life. You are all an inspiration to me.

If you enjoyed this read, please like and share. If you enjoy reading other topics, I suggest you join Medium? It’s only $5 per month to help support writers like myself. Yes, I’m a writer there and I’m happy to say, “I’m actually getting paid to write about the things that matter to me! I’m just starting out, but it’s finally happening!”

I’ll continue writing on this blog, but Medium will have a better version of my revamped posts turned articles. Stay tuned on Medium, because there may be articles I’ll share there that will not be on WP and vice versa. Thanks again for dropping by!

I would love to hear from you, so please leave me a comment!

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