Nobody Cares

How To Get An “I Care” Response From Your Audience

Unfortunately, those were the first words my daughter heard when she entered the public school system in the sixth grade. She was home-schooled up until that point and it broke her heart. It also hardened her a little. “Nobody cares,” became her new mantra, but unlike her mantra, I want yours to be “I care,” because once you begin caring about why you’re writing, you’ll see a change.

In the sea of other voices, we writers want our words to be heard. We want people to care. But how do we get anyone to hear what we have to say? Here are some things I learned while writing.

1. Don’t overindulge your reader with your inner thoughts.

When someone goes on about how they got to whatever topic they wanted to talk about for more than two paragraphs, they’ve lost my interest. Get to the point and cut out the crap.

2. Share an interesting story

It doesn’t have to be elaborate. But again, keep it short and to the point. What do you want your readers to learn from that story?

3. Engage your readers with questions.

As much as readers like to read, readers like to interact. Isn’t that, right? In a majority of my posts, I end with reflection questions.


Think about these questions I’m about to ask in terms of being a reader.

What makes you stick with reading a blog all the way through?

If you didn’t read the post all the way through, why did you stop?

Does the title grab your attention?

Did you do a topic search?

Do you like the writing style of the writer? Why?


This is probably one of my shortest posts I have put out into the blogosphere to date. You’re welcome! If you enjoy reading my posts, please consider liking and sharing. Thank you for dropping by!

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