Becoming Our Better Self

Our self-esteem and self-confidence get thrown into our mental backpack.  Sometimes it feels lighter. We are happier and more agreeable, turning into a positive energy to others. We allow the good vibes to flow. But on the not-so-good-days, we lug it around like a bag of rocks. Let’s keep it light. Who’s with me?


Self-esteem ties into how we see ourselves, be it negative or positive. This part of ourselves is about having and understanding our self-worth.

Have you noticed that how we view ourselves shapes our day-to-day existence? When you are feeling negative about yourself, your day turns into a big cloud of yuk. The hailstorm rages and we can’t find our way out of it.

But if we change our thinking, which can occur at any moment when we choose, the storm dissipates and we’ll see a rainbow. The blue skies return and we are kind to ourselves and those around us. When met with rudeness we believe that person is going through something bad. We give them the benefit of the doubt. 

What’s the lesson here? Treat yourself with kindness and love. Yes, you have worth and a lot of it. What you have to offer the world is bigger than yourself. Because when you see the goodness in you, you’ll begin to see the goodness in others. I believe that’s where the ripple effect comes in.


Oxford Languages defines self-confidence as  how confident we feel in our “abilities, qualities, and judgements.” We all have something we’re good at. Can’t think of anything? Make a list or have someone else make one for you. If your friends can’t see anything, now is the time to get different friends.

On a humorous note, one of my friend’s over a church pulpit said in her testimony (during the time I was a young Mormon mom) that I made really good brownies. What did I do with that information? I made a mental note by placing “Desiree is a good baker” in my abilities folder and “Desiree is consistent” into the folder for my qualities.

Just as much as negative words can strike us down, the positive ones can lift us up. Surround yourself with the kind of people who bring you on a higher plane of being, not drag you down.


This is about learning and growing to become our better selves. Try turning this into a journal entry.

What do you like about yourself?

Think of abilities or qualities you possess? If you’re not seeing it right now, have a friend make that list for you.

You’re probably asking, “How can I build self-confidence?”

The key to self-confidence increases by doing the things you enjoy. This key unlocks your purpose and when you find your purpose you’ll see those abilities and qualities within yourself flourish.

# # #

Sooner or later like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, we realize everything we need is in us. We choose every God given day how we want to see ourselves. By increasing the love and kindness you show yourself, you open the floodgates to becoming your better self. 

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