What’s Your Frequency?

Unfortunately new stresses were added to the plate during the months of February and March and after wading through the storms of fear particularly with the unknown I had to just STOP!

Going through another bout of depression and being completely aware how I silently suffer through it makes me feel like a big pain in the butt to others. I don’t like sharing that side of me. Who really does? I picture myself as a Tormentor from Harry Potter. Terrible visual, right?

So, what does frequency have to with depression and all things negative? EVERYTHING. The universal law of the power found in giving and taking. The more you give whether that be negative or positive energy lands on a frequency, a certain vibration and that is exactly what you’ll bring in to your own life.

There is so much information on the topic out there, so I won’t delve too deep into it. You can scroll through YouTube and listen to all sorts of frequencies, but today I’ll only share with you the one that has helped me the most. It gets to be a little overwhelming if you ask me, but first let’s talk about thought cataloging.

Thought Catalog

Today has been a day to recalibrate and do some cataloging. Being productive while not being on the go all the time is completely okay. Yes, I’m giving myself permission to do so. I’m continually filing away the bad or deleting those negative thoughts and replacing them with all things good and uplifting. It can be exhausting, but with enough practice, it becomes easier. Of course, the negativity comes throughout the day, but it’s about not dwelling on it for an extended period.

I recently came across the words thought catalog. There’s actually a website with the same name, but it had me thinking… in a good way. It is easy to get caught up in the FB culture of “look what I’m doing.” It doesn’t take long for the Universe to say, “Slow the F down. Desiree, you are getting ahead of yourself again. I do have a personality that wants to all the things, so I have to weed out the unnecessary often. It is amazing how the power of my two little ones makes sure to remind me what’s important.

It’s time to bounce back. December and January brought on energy I didn’t know existed, but I felt it slowly slip away entering into February. It scared me how quickly the high had left me. Not enough time and too many things I wanted to do. I had a six month plan, but it evaporated just as quickly as it began. Yes, I put too much on my plate and the Universe made me slow things waaay down.

It’s a snails pace, but I’m moving forward and not backwards. Navigating my energy level and balancing out the lows was and is another one of my ongoing challenges. It definitely helps to write out those feelings that take you away from being an unproductive blob. I write about it and share what I have learned with whomever may come across this blog.

528 Hz Frequency

This frequency has the ability to reduce anxiety, energize, and center you. If you don’t believe me, just give a try for yourself. I began listening to 528 Hz frequencies to help me through my anxieties. When I finally drifted off to sleep, I ended up dreaming about a white Persian kitten.

I found that dreaming about white kittens denotes positivity. The frequency you vibrate on matters. It may not cure life’s challenges, but it can keep you in a better headspace. My overly exhausted self was able to let go and sleep.

My husband has watched my struggles waiting for the right time for me to be receptive to something uplifting. He turned on a few YouTube videos talking about the power in words and how your fears can get into your subconscious and end up manifesting themselves into reality. I have heard about this, but it didn’t hit me until now on how true that is. God is not far in this. He couldn’t be closer. Wholeheartedly believing your words that are spoken and unspoken have the power to become your reality is a real thing.

A Seinfeld episode illustrates how things just even out for him in the Universe. In one scene, Elaine throws out a $20 out of his apartment window to help test his theory. Minutes later, he puts on a jacket and finds a $20 in his pocket.

What Have I learned?

Eventually things in life do even out, it’s all about continuing on in believing. Be true to yourself and when times get rough, keep the faith my friends and stay on a high frequency.

I would love to hear from you, so please leave me a comment!

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