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Life Through My Eyes

“White Rice Covered in Soy Sauce” is Published

Good news! I am thrilled to tell you that Hive Avenue Literary Journal has published my essay “White Rice Covered in Soy Sauce.” It can be found on their website @ Go to the current Issue IV January 2022.

What’s Your Frequency?

Unfortunately new stresses were added to the plate during the months of February and March and after wading through the storms of fear particularly with the unknown I had to just STOP! Going through another bout of depression and being completely aware how I silently suffer through it makes me feel like a big pain […]

Faith / Fear and Trusting the Process

Faith over fear…do you believe it? I try. Sometimes I think I try too hard and the opposite happens. I try to avoid fear, but there really is no going around it. There’s no detour. The only thing I have in my tool box is faith. I have trouble with trusting the process. It’s an […]

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