The Social Experiment

Doesn’t life seem like our very own social experiment? Imagine that you are the scientist and the Guinea pig. How many times do you create your own hypothesis and test it according to your own theory?

When there’s enough evidence of something working out in your favor you do your best to live that theory…until something happens to disprove it.

When a theory fails, you drag your feet back to the drawing board and try another one based on your new truth. You then apply it to various parts of your life (i.e., career, relationships, or parenting). There are some theories that are harder to let go than others. Why do we hold on to them as if our life depended on it?

We live this life where we are constantly adjusting and changing what works for us.

Love is Blind: A Social Experiment

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I binge watched the second season of “Love is Blind.”

Are these people for real? ” We kept asking ourselves.

After watching The Reunion, I came to the conclusion it wasn’t an act. These were real people, trying to find love. Putting all their love and trust into someone they met only a month before. The big question, “Can you really fall in love with a person that you’ve never laid eyes on?”

For the most part you fall for a person based on how you see them. There is just something about that person, you can’t live life without. Some sort of an attraction forms and the next thing you know you are in L-O-V-E. What remains is the choice to love them. Thinking back, do you remember what caught your eye?

In that reality show, you could almost see what they were thinking, when they first laid eyes on each other. Then again it could have been the camera angles and the editing. We were caught up in it. I won’t spoil the show completely for you, but I did want to mention one couple. Sadly, they broke up because she did not want to spend her life with an Athiest.

What would you do for love?

What do you think about that? As a previous member of the LDS Church, we were encouraged to marry someone from the same faith. If you are an active member, I believe that it is true to an extent. I joined a FB group that deals with interfaith marriage. It mostly deals with how a couple coexists after one of them decides the LDS church is no longer for them. I joined it out of curiosity and I remain a member of the group because it has helped me come to terms with my own faith crisis without so much of the hate that I have seen in another FB group. The road to healing spiritually is a difficult one. It has been an eye opening experience to see the great lengths these couples go through to make it work.

The way I see my spouse goes beyond any religion. I came into this marriage not sure what I thought about God. I had grown cynical. Honestly, it took me and my husband a car accident that made me rethink the existence of God. I am still reconciling my relationship with Him, which I know is a lifelong process.

The long and short of this story is that people change and grow. Are you willing to evolve with them? If we truly “love” someone, wouldn’t we want to share that light and not dismiss them for having a different belief? With God love is truly blind.

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