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Depression: The Big “D” Word

Let’s make that a double. This is Desiree on Depression. What I’m about to talk about comes from deep within my soul. I have talked about this sort of thing before, but not at this level. You can say “I’m leveling up.” -quote from the movie Free Guy. I have been in a dark place […]

My Faith Crisis and How the Universe Stepped In

While I was prepping this post, I was surprised that more people weren’t willing to discuss religion. I heard from a few of you and I understand where you come from. I see both sides of it, but like I’ve told a friend, for reasons I won’t discuss here once you have seen what the […]

Atacama Extreme 100: Part Two

At pre-race check-in, the race director did a short slide show and showed us the unassuming dune. I thought, “I totally got this. I’ve ran 50k on the beach. I’ll be just fine.” Have you ever found yourself saying that last sentence? Those are some gloating words. Sometimes we come into a race overconfident. Sometimes […]

Today is a Good Day

I’m not having an Ice Cube kind of day, but you know what I’m getting at. I apologize if you have already read this on FB, but for those of you who are not my “friends,” here I have some lovely news I had to share. I woke up with a low-grade fever that somehow […]

A Partial Tale of Two Valleys: Part 2

Happy Friday everyone! Welcome to Part 2. I grew up with no religious background. My father was raised Roman Catholic and referred to God as “The Man upstairs.” My mother believed in God but said it didn’t matter if we went to church or not. “If you are a good person, you don’t need to […]

A Partial Tale of Two Valleys: Part 1

The title of this post reflects the small town I moved from and the small town I moved to. They both were located in the valley. With the exception of starting my life in Huntington Beach, CA, and one year in Carson City, NV, by three years of age, my parents decided they didn’t want […]

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